Exiting Strategies

Exiting Strategies

Exiting Strategies: The CEO’s 7 Critical Steps To Cashing-Out of a Business, Managing and Preserving Wealth

By Haitham E. Ashoo and Christopher G. Snyder

When CEOs consider Exiting Strategies, they tend to fixate on valuation, considering the price of the deal the most important factor. Although the value of the business is an important issue to consider, it is certainly not the most critical.

Even more essential to the success of the Exit are the following:

  • A logical approach that considers all factors …..A Good Process
  • A compatible fit between buyer and seller…..A Good Match
  • Appropriate terms and structure….. A Good Deal
  • A well-thought-out implementation plan…..A Good Exit

The Pillar Wealth Management, LLC. Exiting Strategies: The CEO’s Seven Critical Steps to Cashing Out of a Business, Managing and Preserving Wealth guide will outline a process to prepare a CEO considering the cashing-out of a business near term, and also improve the management practices of CEOs that are striving to build the value of their business over the long term.

In writing this guide we have used parts from our book “Beyond Wealth, Finding the Balance Between Wealth and Happiness” and combined them with additional knowledge and experiences. For many years, we have been helping wealthy individuals and families make the most of their hard-earned wealth through the implementation of advanced wealth management strategies.

This resource guide will empower you to make smart decisions about your Exiting Strategies so that you can achieve all that is important to you. Let’s get started making your EXIT dreams a reality.


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