How We Work With You

Pillar Wealth Management’s Innovative Process

Our five-step new-client process is a series of consultations that take place between you and us. They are unique to each family because they delve deeply into your retirement and family financial vision.

In our case, the “What’s Important To You?” consultation precedes all others. What hobbies and activities do you enjoy? We need to understand what is genuinely important to you; what it means to you to move from a life of success to one of significance. We will ask many personal questions: Who are your loved ones? How do you wish to have them taken care of? Do any of them have special needs? What causes or charities may be close to your heart?

Our mission is not only to help you manage your investment portfolio but to develop your family’s financial vision. This vision acts as your road map, illustrating where you are, what your destination looks like and the challenges you’ll face in reaching that destination.

We want to be the cornerstone of your financial world. How can we inspire your confidence today

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